Terms and Conditions

    The following Terms and conditions apply to all sales of goods and services from Pago & Co to you. You are bound by our Terms and Conditions and accept these terms when:
    a) Placing an order online at
    b) Placing an order via the phone with a Pago & Co Representative.
    c) Purchasing in store at any Pago & Co Outlet.
    d) Requesting any Quotes or advise from Pago & Co
    a) Quotes – a quote is only valid for 30days. Pago & Co reserve the right to withdraw a quote prior to a deposit being paid.
    b) Orders – When a quote is accepted an invoice will be provided with deposit of 50% payable prior to Pago & Co proceeding with an order. The remainder of any invoice must be paid in full before goods will be released.
    c) Custom Orders – if you have placed an order that includes items not stocked by Pago & Co such as, but not limited to products, custom box sizes, branding, colouring etc. it is your responsibility to confirm all details of the order are correct and that all dimensions of products being provided will fit in the custom boxes. Pago & Co branding will not be used on such orders.
    a) All amounts shown on our tax invoices are in Australian Dollars unless specified otherwise.
    b) You must pay us in Australian Dollars.
    c) Payment must be made in accordance with the details specified on the purchase invoice
    d) Failure to meet payment terms may result in Pago & Co suspending services/order relevant to the outstanding invoice. You agree that Pago & Co may recover the outstanding amount specified in the invoice together with interest, our legal costs, bank fees and charges, any other expenses incurred in attempting to recover the debt and any fees and commissions or other amounts Pago & Co pay to any collection agency to act on our behalf.
    Pago and Co will always use reasonable effort to provide efficient and effective delivery to you within the timeframes advised;
    a) Delays – the delivery times advised by Pago & Co are an estimate only and no liability will be accepted for delays in delivery. A delayed delivery does not give you the right to cancel an order.
    b) Delivered Items – once the delivery of goods has been signed for at the receiving address the transaction is considered complete.
    c) Authority to leave – If you give authority to leave a delivery without signing for it you inherit all risks associated.
    d) Redirect – if you change the delivery address to another address once the parcel has left our warehouse, it is your responsibility to liaise with the delivery company directly to make new arrangements. You may be required to pay additional charges to the delivery company, and you accept that you inherit all risk associated with delivery of the goods.
    e) Return to sender – If your package is returned to Pago & Co for any reason, you will be notified and given options of redelivery or collection from a Pago & Co outlet. If the return is not acted upon by you Pago & Co will store your items for a maximum of 3 months (from return date) before the goods will be forfeited by you and disposed of by Pago & Co.
    f) Damaged goods – you must inspect the goods within 7 days of receipt and advise Pago & Co by providing an image of the damaged item, along with the order details, if deemed damaged in transit we will replace the damaged item at our cost.
    g) Alcohol – liquor licencing laws require any gift box which contains alcohol to be delivered to a recipient who is 18 years or older & cannot be sent to the purchaser.
    h) Custom delivery – If you organise your own delivery method sections 4a,b,c,d, e, f & g are negated and all liability resides with you at the time the goods leave our warehouse.
    a) Refunds – Pago & Co do not provide refunds.
    b) Returns – you may only return goods that do not materially match the order placed or that have a genuine fault unrelated to the following and notified to Pago & Co within 7 days of receipt of goods:
    I. Misuse – No warranty will be given for damage or failure due to misuse of goods.
    II. Items with flaws – Many items stocked by Pago & Co are made by artisan makers, you accept there is an expectation that not every item is identical and may have idiosyncrasies that could be considered by some as flaws, Pago and Co accepts no responsibility for claims based on such items.
    III. Change of Mind – Pago & Co do not refund any Goods or Services for change of mind by either the purchaser or recipient.
    IV. Faulty goods – If your goods are faulty please contact us to discuss the fault. It will be at Pago & Co discretion as to whether the goods will be exchanged.
    c) Cancelation – an order cannot be cancelled once the goods have left our warehouse. If an order is cancelled prior to dispatch you will incur all costs associated with the order to that point up to a maximum of your deposit or 50% of the value quoted whichever is the lesser.
    a) Casual displacement, omission, inability or failure to deliver on an order does not invalidate this contract.
    b) Every care will be taken to ensure prompt completion of any order within the timeframes stipulated but Pago & Co will not be liable for any loss occasioned by the failure to deliver an order.
    c) If Pago & Co is unable to fulfil your order for any reason under our control, we will only be liable to you for a maximum refund of the amount you paid us for the order.
    d) To the extent possible, all implied and express warranties in legislation (including federal and state trade practices and sale of goods legislation) that may give you greater rights than are expressed in this clause are negatived.
    You will indemnify us against all suits, claims and demands made against us and loss or damage suffered by us arising from orders placed with Pago & Co due to:
    a) A breach of your warranty in clause 1;
    b) Any allegation that we have breached any intellectual property rights of any third party; and
    c) Any other civil or criminal liability we may be exposed to.

Refer to physical voucher/coupon for min spend (Excludes shipping) and validity. One use only. Cannot be used in the initial transaction. Cannot be redeemed for cash, vouchers or any other tender. Lost, stolen or expired vouchers will not be replace.