Saint Cobes – Solid Cologne, Amba


Saint Cobes have created a range of luxury solid colognes that are made up from a select blend of fine fragrances combined with natural beeswax and nourishing oils, making these colognes hydrating to your skin.

It is easy to use, refillable and compact, so you can take it with you on the go. Not only better for you but for the environment too! Experience a more convenient and loner lasting way to wear your scent all day.

Amba is a sophisticated fragrance that stands out due to its warmth and sensuality. The opulent base scents of amber and vanilla lingers on the skin, whilst top notes of bergamot, pepper, lavandin and orange blossom combine to deliver rich and exotic aromas. The result is a highly enticing fragrance full of depth and confidence.

Amba Scent: Dry Amber, Pepper and Jasmine

It is the comparable size to a 50ml bottle of spray cologne, so if used daily, this solid cologne will last for at least 6 months before you’ll want to refill.

Lifestyle image courtesy of @saintcobes


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