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Corowa Distilling Co – Whisky, Barrel house XB (200ml)


Produced by Corowa Distillery Co in Corowa, NSW Barrel House XB Whisky is the perfect combination of the finest ex-bourbon barrels from the States and matured in Corowa’s unique barrel house to provide an exquisite single malt whisky.

Pago & Co have introduced this Australian range range not only because of the superbly tasting Australian whisky, but we are also celebrating their spirit, their town, and the people who call it home. A perfect gift for the whisky novice to the connoisseur!

Matured in: Ex-Bourbon Barrels
Nose: Bright citrus, vanilla, grassy hay
Palate: Zesty lemon, mint, creamy marzipan and almond
Finish: Fresh and zesty with a medium finish
200ml 46.0% ALC/VOL, approximately 7.3 standard drinks.

This great Australian whisky is crafted by people just like you. Born and raised in the heart of Corowa, two men with a passion for whisky turned the town’s abandoned flour mill into a world class distillery and then employed one of the youngest head distillers in the country to look at this ancient craft through fresh eyes.

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